Good Ole Beast

by Chris Daniels & The Kings

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    Good Ole Beast
    The record features performances by Sam Bush, Richie Furay, John Magnie, Kenny Passarelli, Lloyd Maines, Mollie O'Brien and tons more.
    This also includes a first time rendition of Alan and John Lomax recording of South Carolina spiritual "Right Down Here."
    Best Limited Edition Album Design. Designed by Greg Carr, Sally Ratts and myself. Greg designed the last two award-winning Steve Martin album covers.
    The album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and across the country via CIMS and FYE.
    Thanks so much for taking a listen.

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Good Ole Beast (4:49)
from the album "Better Days"
by Chris Daniels
© Copyright - Chris Daniels / Moon Voyage Records (626570622109)


Good Ol' Beast by Chris Daniels 2012

My baby calls me a pack rat , Aw imagine that
I keep my friends all my life
Got a patient wife and my Daddy's hand me down truck
If I run it too fast , It'll bust up kick my ass
When it all falls apart I go back to the start
And try and fix it again

He said you've got a good old beast
It needs a tune up at least
I'm guessing that all -- probably an over hall
To get you back on the street
Don't put it out back to rot
It was the best truck I got
Don't need no SUV just some TLC
To get er' back on the street

My Mama works in her garden, these days that's her favorite thing
She goes to church on Sunday, loves to hear that choir sing
Daddy said she had a fall, scared the hell out of us all
Daddy said she's OK
Cause when they took her away
She was talking Camellia's again

He said -- she's been a good old beast
Th' said she needs a tune up at least
Maybe that all -- probably an over hall
To get her back on her feet
I won't let stay in there and rot
That woman's all that I've got
Don't send the cavalry just some TLC
To get her back home with me

Me and my wife we hit hard times, aw imagine that
She got lonely and angry, so grabbed my coat and my hat
Somewhere down the block, I felt my heart nearly stop
I called her up on the phone, I said baby can I come home
Can we work this out


released July 7, 2012
Chris Daniels, vocal & guitar
Bass - Glenn Fukunaga, Kenny Passarelli
Drums- Phil Bass
Pedal steel - Lloyd Maines
Hammond B3 - David Webb
Electric Guitar – Bradley Kopp
Vocals, Bradley Kopp & Lorrie Singer



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Chris Daniels & The Kings Denver, Colorado

Since 1985, Chris Daniels (and his band The Kings) has put out 14 albums for labels in the USA, Japan, Holland, and France and has toured overseas 18 times ...from Europe to Japan to South America.

"BETTER DAYS” is Chris Daniels’ first solo project in 30 years - a testimony and celebration of life and his music.
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